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    If you too can name the 4th string running back on every NFL team, have nightmares about sleeping in on Sundays and missing games, and remember where you were the moment Tom Brady was injured Week 1 of ’09 like it was a national tragedy, then this is the site for you.

    Inevitably, fantasy football prognostication involves guesswork and instinct. But we prefer reasoned arguments and hard evidence over inexplicable “gut feelings.” So each week, our team will bring you articles discussing “sits and starts,” waiver wire pickups, and weekend recap analysis.

    We here at Fantasy Football MVP focus on the V in MVP: Value. In approaching the draft and soon, trades and free agent pickups, we view the players like stocks whose values are constantly in flux. So we’ll focus on identifying undervalued and overvalued players. On Yahoo, for example, there is a feature called “MVPs” (formerly called “Keys To Success”) that identifies the players that appear most frequently on the rosters of the top fantasy teams – like Odell Beckham Jr. and C.J. Anderson in ’14.  Our goal is to get the MVPs of 2015 on your roster, whether it be through the draft, trades, or pickups.

    Our team consists of writers from Stanford, Berkeley, and UCLA. This is our fourth year of this site and our “Working The Waiver” column regularly appears at TheCoverTwo.com. We’ve got our FFMVP Podcast appearing regularly, and available on iTunes.

    We’re always accessible and eager to talk football so drop an email or comment any time.
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